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Friday, April 05, 2013

California Is Golden with Values | Exploring Wine with Tim Fish | Blogs | Wine Spectator

California Is Golden with Values | Exploring Wine with Tim Fish | Blogs | Wine Spectator

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wine101 from Snooth

There are two distinct aspects to oak that influence the flavors of wines aged in barrel. The first are the flavors inherent in the wood, while the second are the flavors created during the construction of the barrel. One of the features of oak that set one species apart from another is the density of the wood. The structure of each stave in the barrel can have a surprisingly large impact on the way the barrel reacts with the wine it holds.

Another important, and frequently overlooked, aspect to managing the impact and profile of oak aging is the seasoning of the wood before the barrel is constructed. These two elements, wood structure and aging, each play an important role in determining how a type of wood can be used to improve a wine.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Oak & Cork

The Oak & Cork
Wine Reviews

St. Francis
Proprietary Blend, Sonoma Valley

What we thought about this wine:

It is all in it's detailed description. Very nice wine for outdoor spiced meals, meats, BBQ and or red meat cookouts.

The spiced oak is prevelent as with the varried berries, plum and grapes. A bit of a medium-heavy full bodied wine.

Clean, translucent dark ruby - purple. Lingering pleasant flavor begining to end.

Kudos to St. Francis Winery on this very robust full flavor blended RED. Definately one of the best.

We are giving this a rating of 86

(ET) 12/29/05

Turner Road Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2002; Paso Robles, California

Clean fruity aromatic nose with some chocolate among the berries and a hint of pleasing well balanced but defined tannins.

On the palate, very smouth and fruity leaving the palate desiring more. Full bodied flavor with a well balanced plumb, pear, and blackberry soft backing and tainted perfectly within it a very faint but precious spiced and suttle oak.

The residual flavors and blends are so pleasant that it leaves the mouth with desires to again tantilize the buds.

Very under rated at 88 PTS and priced on average of $9.99 - $11.99

This is one Cab you don't want to pass up an opportunity to relish a fine flavored experience with.

My rating of this fine Cabernet Sauvignon 92 PTS
(ET) 01/03/05

Ernest and Gallo
Twin Valley Zinfandel (White)
We love this Zinfandel above Sutterhome. Why? Because it tastes great. A real fruity full bodied Zinfandel without the acid and risk of heartburn. Sutterhome has often been so on the acidic side that heartburn displeasures the Zinfandel experience wherby Ernest And Gallo has pleasantly exhibited there low acid Zinfandel. We opened the 2003 vintage at room temperate of 69 degrees and food it very enjoyable with Sharp Cheddar Cheese. There is delightful flavor from the sart to finish of the glass of wnie and the after taste just as pleasant.
Our Rating: 90 PTS Ed Turner

A light pink wine featuring a pleasant floral aroma, fresh strawberry and juicy peach flavors, and a delicate finish.


Alcohol Content9.0%


Aging Potential6 to 9 months

Serving TemperatureCold (40° Fahrenheit)


Ernest & Julio Gallo Twin Valley2003White ZinfandelCalifornia$4.99

Cheese Pairing: Great with Gouda and Smoked Chedar
Meet Paring: Chicken and Turkey
Summer Foods: Salads, appetizers and fresh fruit.

(ET) 01/12/05